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Former Qatari PM’s bombshell on Syria revisited
The former Qatari prime minister’s bombshell in a recent interview with the Financial Times largely went unnoticed but Arab observers are calling for explanations about the Saudi role ...

A Respite of Soccer for Qatar’s Laborers
DOHA, Qatar — It was not yet 8 a.m., but already a fierce sun was beating down as the Taleb Group soccer team arrived at the technical committee ...

Former Sen. Bob Graham says ‘all the evidence points to’ Saudi Arabia’s involvement with 9/11 terrorists
The co-chair of a joint congressional investigation that penned a report at the center of the unfolding controversy over Saudi Arabia’s suspected connection to the 9/11 attacks revealed ...

Bahrain court sentenced 16 protesters to 7 years in prison
AhlulBayt News Agency – Bahrain’s Fifth High Criminal Court, presided over by judge Abdullah Al-Ashraf with the memberships of judges Mohsen Mabrouk and Motaz Abu Al-Ezz and Abdullah ...

Report: Will Jordan Follow Saudi Regime in Bahrain?
AhlulBayt News Agency – Bahrain has recently received a delegation of Jordanian General Directorate of Gendarmerie to discuss security cooperation between the two Arab states. The local news ...

Bahrain king to Obama: we have evidence of Iran’s flagrant interference in our internal affairs
AhlulBayt News Agency – Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa claimed that Bahrain has compelling evidence of Iran’s flagrant interference in its internal affairs. He claimed in ...

In Bahrain, Shia lives matter
A strong and independent Bahrain needs Sunni and Shia to work together and a government that serves and respects the rights of its citizens—all of them.   WASHINGTON, April ...

Britain lobbied UN to whitewash Bahrain police abuses
Documents indicate UK and Saudi Arabia worked to water down human rights statement Britain has been accused of waging a behind-the-scenes PR offensive aimed at neutering United Nations ...

Mr. Obama, muster your courage, call out human rights abuses when you meet Gulf monarchs
Thursday, when he attends Gulf Co-operation Council in Saudi Arabia, will be the last time President Obama meets the Gulf monarchs. It’s his last chance to speak out ...

President Obama’s Last Opportunity With the Gulf
When President Obama visits Saudi Arabia this week, he should dwell on the contradictions which have plagued his relationship with the Middle East throughout his presidency. His private ...

Saudi Arabia has paid for nearly a dozen Tory MPs to fly out and visit on ‘fact-finding missions’ this year
The MPs’ visits marks the intensification of lobbying by the petro-state The Saudi Arabian government has paid for nearly a dozen Conservative MPs to fly out to visit ...

Saudi Arabia and 9/11: Give the American people the truth, Mr. Obama
Over the last ten days, controversies have erupted over the Obama administration’s continued classification of evidence of possible Saudi government involvement in the September 11th attacks and its ...