Invitation to share the Ramadan Experience

Invitation to share the Ramadan Experience

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invite you to Ramadan Experience and seminar titled:

Aspiring for spiritual perfection through fasting


Sheikh Isa Jahangir*

Mustafa Almansur **


God’s religions aim at directing the life of people to achieve perfection. Acts of worship, morality, worship of God and achieving balance between the inner and the outer sides of man are what wise people aspire to achieve. Perfection is God’s attribute; He wants mankind to be perfect. The Ramadan Experience offers an opportunity to cleanse the soul, clear the mind and remove evil from the self. It is a time when the relative seeks to link up with the absolute. Wisdom dictates that one must not miss the opportunity. Other faiths also prescribe fasting as a way of self-control and discipline. Join us in unforgettable moments of God’s invocation, self-purification and inner cleansing.


Time: 6.30pm Tuesday, 14th June 2016

Venue: Abrar House, 45 Crawford Place, W1H 4LP

*Sheikh Isa Jahangir is the Principal of the Islamic College for Advanced Studies in London. After completing extensive Hawza (Islamic Seminary) studies in Qom, Iran he took interest in social studies. He studiedSociology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has taught different subjects related to Islamic law and Islamic studies such as: Islamic Ethics, Theology and Jurisprudence, in different universities and seminarian schools in Iran (in Persian and English). In addition he taught Sociology and Cultural Anthropology. In his current position at the Islamic College he teaches Islamic thought, Muslim social and political thought, and jurisprudential maxims. For three years 2009-2012 he was the Head of the Department of Islamic Studies  at al-Mustafa International University. He authored many articles and several books. He is an eloquent lecturer

** Mustafa Almansur is a father, entrepreneur and khateeb. He is the managing director at Vocabridge, a global language services company in the city. With a degree in Engineering, masters in Islamic Banking and finance and numerous ijaazas in the sacred sciences, Mustafa is able to articulate a practical narrative of Islam that people can relate to and be inspired by. He has travelled extensively and studied with scholars and imams from all denominational backgrounds. Mustafa has been on a journey of personal development and purification since a young age, never settling for one thing…he now is involved in the personal transformation programme with Landmark education.



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