The Chilcot Report: UK’s Foreign Intervention; Legality and Consequences

The Chilcot Report: UK’s Foreign Intervention; Legality and Consequences

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The Chilcot Report:
UK’s Foreign Intervention; Legality and Consequences

Professor Rodney Shakespeare*
Dr Hassan Al Sadr**
Mohsin Abbas***

No sooner had the shock of the Brexit saga befallen Britain than did the tantalising details of the Chilcot Report strike the chord of anxiety and despair among the public. Could the British intervention outside the British isles become something of the past given the moral, legal and political consequences of recent doomed adventures? The Chilcot Report has condemned one of the most prominent prime ministers to political oblivion, but how diverse are the opinions and stands with regards to its legality and consequences?

Date: Tuesday, 19th July 2016
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Abrar House, 45 Crawford Place, W1H 4LP

*Professor Rodney Shakespeare is a renowned political commentator and visiting professor of binary economics at Trisakti University in Jakarta. He is an outspoken critic of the Western policies in the Arab and Muslim worlds. He is a respected co-author of the standard textbook on binary economics ─ Binary Economics – the new paradigm (University Press of America, 1999). His first book on binary economics (The Two-factor Nation) was published in 1976. He is also co-author of the subsequent text ─ Seven Steps to Justice (New European Publications, 2003) ─ which furthers develops binary economics; and author of The Modern Universal Paradigm, containing later developments, being published in 2007 by Trisakti University, Jakarta. He is a Cambridge MA, a qualified UK Barrister, and a well-known paper presenter and lecturer.

** Dr Hassan Al Sadr is the Spokesman of the Sadrist Movement in UK. A physician by training, he was active within the student movement and advocate of personal and political change. He descends from Al Sadr family with three senior martyrs; Sayyed Mohammad Baqir Al Sadr who was tortured to death by Saddam Hussain on 9th April 1980, Sayyed Mohammad Sadiq Al Sadr, assassinated by the Ba’thist regime in 1999 and Sayyed Musa Al Sadr who was abducted by Colonel Gaddafi’s regime on an official trip in 1978. Nothing has been heard of him since then.

***Syed Mohsin Abbas is a highly creative Television Producer, Broadcaster and Journalist with over 25 years experience. He worked as an independent journalist for the BBC, Channel 4 and many other international television and radio broadcasting corporations. Currently he is establishing a British focused community development Think Tank as well producing the Unity in Diversity Arts and Cultural Festival. Mohsin has exceptional communication and organisational skills, and an ability to provide effective leadership on large or small scale television documentary productions. He worked for several TV channels including Levant, Ahlebait, Hadi, Al Ettijah and Sahar. He produced films for the US Embassy in London and the FCO. He produced Radio programmes and reporting for BBC Radio.

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