Common duty to end Bloodshed, destruction & famine in Yemen

Common duty to end Bloodshed, destruction & famine in Yemen

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Common duty to end

Bloodshed, destruction & famine in Yemen



Kim Sharif*

Father Laurence Hillel**

 Dr Riyaz Karim***


It has lasted too long and claimed abundance of casualties including the basic human dignity and feelings. Recent images of famine and destruction have shaken the world with humans turning into moving skeletons as the famine takes root in the poorest of the Arab countries. The Saudi-led alliance has imposed blockade and sanctions unseen in recent memory. War crimes at gigantic scale have been committed as the world stood in deafening silence. If material assistance is not possible as the US and UK insist on backing the Saudi aggression, words of sympathy are the least that can be afforded by decent people in the efforts to end this nightmare.  

Date: Tuesday 8th November 2016

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: Abrar House, 45 Crawford Place, W1H 4LP

*Kim Sharif  is a prominent lawyer and rights defender in the UK, has been most vocal in her denunciation of Saudi Arabia’s unlawful war against Yemen. She  is a Solicitor with a large law firm in London.. She is director of the Human Rights for Yemen. Since the Saudi-led war on Yement started in March 2015, she was at the forefront of campaigning against the war, calling for a ceasefire as well as international investigation of war crimes against civilian population.


** Father Laurence Hillel has studied at four British Universities, predominantly in History and Theology, and holds an MA in South Asian Studies from SOAS and an MA in Christianity and Interreligious Relations from Heythrop College.  He is an ordained pries in the Church of England and is currently serving at St Anne’s Brondesbury.  In his current role as Co-Director of the London Inter Faith Centre and the Bishop of Willesden’s Inter Faith Adviser, he has contacts with a range of Muslim institutions.  He was previously Chaplain at Bishop Ramsey Church of England Secondary School Ruislip.

*** Dr Riyaz Karim is Director of Mona Relief; Yemen Organization for Humanitarian Relief and Development. Dr. Karim holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology and a Masters in Visual Communication. He worked for the UN for a number of years and was posted in Somalia during the war. He acted closely with a number of International Charities in a collaborative capacity, which granted him excellent experience. Dr Karim is responsible for fundraising, promotions, communication, logistics and collaboration with other charities and organizations. He is currently based and coordinates Mona activities from London, England.

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