Two dead in Saudi town ‘siege’ against Shia militants

Two dead in Saudi town ‘siege’ against Shia militants

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Two-year-old boy and Egyptian national confirmed killed and 14 injured in fight for historic neighbourhood in eastern town

 Awamiyah’s Almosara neighbourhood is a Shia militia hideout, the Saudi government says Twitter

At least two people have died in the Saudi Arabian town of Awamiyah after six days of fierce clashes between the security forces and Shia militants.

Roadblocks were put in place on roads leading into the town on Saturday, the fifth day of ‘siege like’ conditions in the ancient neighbourhood of Almosara, and sporadic bursts of gunfire could be heard, local media and AFP news agency reported.

Saudi Arabia’s eastern province has a large Shia population and since 2011’s Arab Spring calls for equality between Sunni and Shia citizens there have been several episodes of violence between protesters and the state.

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