Saudi Arabia a dictatorship that shouldn’t have U.N. status

Saudi Arabia a dictatorship that shouldn’t have U.N. status

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Arabians must realize that the Saudi ruling amir who pushes hard against them is not something that has simply befallen them. They made him. They are making him. Much of him comes from the top down — from their parents, teachers, imams and intellectuals. It is trickle-down education that begins and ends with the idea that the amir is “good” for them.

The amir, in fact, is not good for Arabians because he obliterated their significance and made them feel that they are nothing but a bundle of faults and imperfections, and the amir alone is faultless and therefore merits emulation.

The effort of the amir to equate the Saudi system of government with the true Shura system represents a destructive assault on the Islamic Shura of government.

A well-placed Saudi official told me that Saudism is the backwater of the past, not the wave of the future. It hangs on, not because it excites the masses, but because a brutal dictatorship threatens the masses. It is time to send Saudism to the ash heap of history.

This fairly educated son of Arabia, who worked with the Saudi government for 16 years, knows that the ruling amir does not lead. He rules and dictates because his father told him that he owned the land and the people of the land. It is unbelievable, but true.

Let us be honest, Saudi Arabia is not a country. It is a plantation with a master amir. The amir runs the kingdom like a family company — no rights, no elections and no parliament.

I wonder how the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was accepted as a member of the United Nations with all these shortcomings.

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