UK and the Gulf: Security, political and moral impasse

UK and the Gulf: Security, political and moral impasse

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UK and the Gulf:
Security, political and moral impasse

To mark the Independence Day
Bahrain Opposition Bloc in UK
Cordially invites you to a
Seminar and Press briefing
Time: 11.00 Monday 14th August 2017
Place: Diskus Room, UNITE the Union, 128 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8TN
Andy Murray (Unite)
Ben Petlar (Reprieve)
Jawad Fairooz (Salaam & Former Bahraini MP)
Isla Woodcock (Civil rights activist)
Megha Ramesh (BIRD)
Dr Saeed Shehabi (BFM)

In mid August 1971 the British forces were withdrawn from the Gulf region after decades of unchallenged control. Several Sheikhdoms, including Bahrain gained their “independence”. The British legacy in those new entities has been marred by dictatorship, bleak record of human rights and abandonment of basic values and principles of modern statehood.
Bahraini people still live the terrifying nightmare of that brutal legacy. Isn’t it time for UK to change its policy in the Gulf, embrace democracy and human rights and end the destructive policy of appeasements of dictators?

Andrew Murray will discuss the UK’s relationship with Bahrain and the Gulf and its impacts on human rights and political challenges

Ben Pitler will address the controversial role the UK’s assistance to Bahrain has played in these events, including public order training and the country’s first executions in six years in January

Jawad Fairooz will speak about his direct experiences as a former MP and member of the opposition, and the current political crisis facing Bahrain.

Isla Woodcock will discuss her experiences protesting at the Royal Windsor Horse Show and discuss the controversial royal relationship that event exposed.

Megha Ramesh will discuss the reprisals against women in Bahrain and the unprecedented risks they face from authorities willing to employ torture and sexual violence to suppress women voices.

Saeed Shehabi will present a historical overview of Bahrain’s politics and the UK’s involvement and provide an insight into the roots of the current political and human rights crisis in Bahrain.

For more information please contact Ali Al Fayez on 07965666644

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