Iran: domestic and foreign threats challenge hardliners and moderates

Iran: domestic and foreign threats challenge hardliners and moderates

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Iran: domestic and foreign threats challenge hardliners and moderates


Dr Majid Tafreshi*

Shabbir Hassanly**

 William Spring***


For forty years, Iran has dominated the news and occupied leading positions in regional affairs. As it prepares to mark the 39th anniversary of its Islamic Revolution, it was rocked by protests which had hit many towns and cities. There are reasons behind this sudden flare-up of political passion; domestic and external. Unlike the agitations of 2009, this time the hick up lasted less than a week. Yet the reverberations will continue for some time. Iran has to put its act together, continue to allow peaceful protest and put its economic policies in order. The seminar is an opportunity to explore in some depth the underlying causes of the political turmoil and assess the security imperatives in a world dominated by Trump, his tweets and personal vendettas.

Date: Tuesday, 16th January 2018

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: Abrar House, 45 Crawford Place, W1H 4LP

**Dr Majid Tafreshi; Historian and researcher on current affairs, His field of research include: Modern Iranian history, history and current UK-Iranian relations, and modern history of the Persian Gulf. (All subjects mainly from 19th Century onwards). He is Specialist on both British Archives and unpublished documents and manuscripts. He has many publications relating to Iran, its internal politics and its regional role.

Shabbir Hassanally is a software engineer, and an Islamic Scholar, having studied in the Islamic Seminary of Qum.  He contributes to various outlets as a political analyst.  Mr. Hassanally lectures at various Islamic Centers from time to time and is currently working on a book on the commonalities between Zionism and Wahhabism – from a political and hegemonic perspective, as well as examining historical parallels between these two cancers infecting humanity. He also consults on subjects related to human rights, activism, Islam, anti-sectarianism, and Islamic politics, economics, the Palestine issue and issues affecting Muslims across the world.  He was also one of the early members of the Global March to Jerusalem (GM2J) and looked after the website for the group.  He has edited several books on both political and Islamic subjects.

William Spring is a political analyst and commentator, originally from the United States. He lives in London and has engaged in political and human rights discussions. He appears on TV shows like Press TV

Admission is Free. Please register for catering purposes – email: or text 07795 660 438

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