Kuwait to host Arab Council meeting on Jan. 12

Kuwait to host Arab Council meeting on Jan. 12

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Al-Sager said that he had informed Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa of the procedures taken in regard to the issue, noting that there is a final depiction of the basic law which is to be discussed.

On the expected role of the newly-formed council, he said that it will be an Arab civil organization much-needed by the region, and will form a completion to the efforts of Arab foreign ministers and the ministerial council of the Arab League.

Its members will include former Arab leaders, ministers and officials he noted.
The Council will be able to speak to the East and the West, presenting Arab issues, will have a say in local and regional matters, and will practice the role of closing the gap on diverse viewpoints between conflicting sides.

He also drew a comparison between the Council and the Arab Interim Parliament, indicating that the latter carries out a legislative and monitory role, while the former will be concerned with foreign-related issues and the issues of the Arab world, which it will defend on a people-to-people basis and not on a governmental basis.


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