Fresh clashes erupt in Egypt’s city of Suez

Fresh clashes erupt in Egypt’s city of Suez

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Fresh protests have erupted in Egypt’s eastern city of Suez, with police forces using tear gas to disperse the crowd, after overnight clashes that claimed the lives of two people.

Police forces fired birdshot and tear gas to disperse angry protesters in Suez on Friday with the injured being ferried out of the city’s central al-Arbaeen Square. 

The new outbreak of violence comes amid general outrage across Egypt over football-related clashes that left scores of people dead on Wednesday. 

The incident occurred when deadly clashes broke out in the northern city of Port Said between fans of home team al-Masry and Cairo’s leading club al-Ahly after the visitors were beaten 3-1. 

Fans stormed the pitch after the game and clashed with each other. At least 74 people died and more than a thousand were injured in the mayhem. 

The ongoing protests continue on the second day of a public show of anger over what people view as the deadly mismanagement of the country’s critical post-revolution period by the ruling military junta. 

On Thursday, two protesters were shot dead during clashes with police and more than 30 people were injured after police used live rounds on angry protesters who refused to disperse despite clouds of tear gas. 

In Cairo, one person was killed in clashes between the police and angry protesters who demonstrated in front of the interior ministry in the city center and pelted security forces with stones. 

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