Bahraini terror suspect on US blacklist

Bahraini terror suspect on US blacklist

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Ahmed Abdulrahman Sihab Ahmed Sihab, also known as Abdulrahman Al Sharqi, had already been "publicly charged with planning terrorist attacks as a member of Al Qaeda," according to a statement from the State Department.

In naming Sihab a "specially designated global terrorist" the order "blocks all of Sihab’s property interests subject to US jurisdiction and prohibits US pople from engaging in transactions with Sihab".

Bahrain has been calling for Sihab’s extradition since January 2007 for "participating in terrorist activities", the State Department noted.

The global police agency Interpol has also issued a "Red Notice" against him, asking authorities in its member states to put him under provisional arrest pending extradition, the statement said. The decision "demonstrates the continued resolve of the US in eliminating Al Qaeda’s ability to execute attacks," the State Department said.

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