Kuwait police bust high-tech vice ring – ‘Foreign’ girl in custody

Kuwait police bust high-tech vice ring – ‘Foreign’ girl in custody

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A security source added that vice detectives were able to locate a network site that runs prostitution from Spain and shows clips of beautiful girls. The site services included sending the prostitute to customers’ countries, provided the number of men requesting the girl reach a certain number so the trip is profitable.

When the girl arrives in Kuwait, the site managers contact the customer, telling him that the ‘representative’ had arrived in Kuwait and is staying at a certain location, where he can be with her for a certain time in exchange for 6000 euros. Instructions also said he cannot talk to her about any subject other than the service. When the service is completed, the prostitute leaves the country.

Vice detectives reported arresting a girl, among those who had just arrived in the country, before she completed her rounds. The girl confessed and identified those who bought her services before she was deported


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