Youth and opposition call for boycotting 2009 Parliament

Youth and opposition call for boycotting 2009 Parliament

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Lawmaker Al-Saadoun said that the petition suggested by the youth, and that he, along with older politicians approved of it. “They are the ones who have all the details about this petition,” he stressed. Furthermore, Al-Saadoun rejected any attempt to amend the current electoral constituencies system noting that it would be akin to ‘suspending the Constitution.’ He added that the government should run the coming parliamentary elections according to the current electoral system and to review any suggested amendments made by the elected parliament prior to passing it. MP Falah Al-Sawwagh said that the Ramadan petition would be distributed in the five electoral constituencies so that the Kuwaiti people can review it.

“This petition refuses to acknowledge the 2009 Parliament, amending the constituencies, involving the judiciary in politics and taking part in the coming elections if current electoral constituencies system prevails,” he stressed, noting that the message to be conveyed by the memo is that the Kuwaiti people reject the manipulation of electoral constituencies. Meanwhile, MP Abdullatif Al-Omairi urged the government to not attend the parliamentary session on July 31, during which it would take an oath before the Parliament. He added that the government does not need to take the oath before the Parliament unless it wants it to continue. Al-Omairi said that the government is supposed to rectify constitutional procedures that accompanied the dissolution of 2009 Parliament.

He said that holding the swearing-in ceremony means that the government intends to keep the current Assembly in power. He said that the demands of the opposition blocs are clear and that the government should not ignore them, which include the dissolution of the Parliament and holding elections according to the current electoral constituencies law.

MP Adnan Al-Mutawa called for referring the issue of the 2009 Parliament to the Constitutional Court, as some constitutional experts claim that both 2009 and 2012 Parliament are unconstitutional. Meanwhile, MP Dr Mohammad Al-Hatlani stressed the need for dissolving 2009 Parliament and holding fresh elections according to the current constituencies system. He added that the government is glad that the 2009 Parliament has been reinstated and wants it to continue, stressing that such an approach is completely is not acceptable because it does not represent the people. Al-Hatlani called on the government not to attend any parliamentary sessions and to dissolve the Parliament. He warned the government of any attempts to deceive the people, stressing that the 2009 Parliament is popularly and politically invalid.

MP Waleed Al-Tabtabae stressed that at a meeting held at his diwaniya, an agreement was reached on the petition. However, out of respect for Al-Saadoun’s political career and history, they preferred declaring it from there. “We hope that upon being reviewed by the people, the memo will appeal to them. We wish to pursue reform and the sovereignty of the law and the constitution. If the government wishes to fool around, it will have to listen to what the people have to say,” he warned urging the government to dissolve the 2009 parliament. Al-Tabtabae also said that the youth decided to boycott any parliamentary elections if the electoral system was changed. On the other hand, the government seems to have already made up its mind and decided to refer the electoral constituencies system to the Constitutional Court, which means that the 2009 parliament would at least stay in power until the court passes a verdict.

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