Bahrain slams US report on human rights

Bahrain slams US report on human rights

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed in a statement on Tuesday its dissatisfaction with the report. It highlighted that the report lacks objectivity and impartiality, and overlooks Bahrain’s progress in maintaining and promoting human rights issues, especially in the context of the historical and multi-faceted relations that combine the two countries.

“The report failed to shed light on the key steps taken by Bahrain towards strengthening the fundamentals and gains of human rights, which the Kingdom diligently worked to preserve”, it said, highlighting that the report has detracted the independence of the judiciary in Bahrain, disregarding a number of facts and figures as reported by the monitoring unit tasked with the implementation of the recommendations of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) in its latest quarterly report issued in November 2012.

The US report has not addressed accomplishments made in various reform tracks affecting the security sector, it said.


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