- 13/10/2015
Resistance and Repression in the Gulf

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According to the information center of Imam Ali Specialized Library, the book is the second volume of a series published by Revak in Turkey on the Prophet's House.

- 18/12/2009
Gabriele vom Bruck F o r e w o r d b y F r e d H a l l i d a y Cover design by Eugene Kuo Cover photograph Muhammad b. Muhammad Zabarah, historian (right), and his son Ahmad, the late Mufti of the Republic of Yemen, 1940s. middle eastern studies “This highly original book offers fresh insight into how traditional ideas of person, society, and responsibility, reworked in the cauldron of revolution and rapidly changing economic and political conditions, remain central to understanding contemporary society and identity politics.

- 23/06/2009
Life of the Ayatollah AUTHOR: Baqer Moin This is a new edition of the bestselling biography of the Iranian leader who influenced the current global Islamic revival.When the Ayatollah Khomeini burst onto the international scene in the late 1970s, radical Islam became a factor of political life that would change the world. And with the Iranian Revolution that Khomeini led in 1978/79, religion once more moved centre stage in world politics.

- 05/05/2009
Islam as a religion is central to the lives of over a billion people, but its outer expression as a distinctive civilization has been undergoing a monumental crisis. Buffeted by powerful adverse currents, Islamic civilization today is a shadow of its former self.

- 28/11/2008
- Exploring Reform and Muslim Tradition AUTHOR: Kari Vogt Lena Larsen Christian Moe This is an important and prestigious volume showcasing leading progressive Islamic thinkers. It includes new essay by controversial public intellectual and Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan. It offers strong appeal to policymakers and as well as students and scholars of religion and the Middle East.

- 26/09/2008
- Jews, Arabs and Imperial Interests AUTHOR: Simone Panter-Brick Gandhi's involvement in Middle Eastern politics is largely forgotten, yet it goes to the heart of his teaching and ambition - to lead a united freedom movement against British colonial power.

- 09/09/2008
- Inside the Middle East Peace Process from Rabin's Death to Camp David AUTHOR: Ahmed Qurie With new talks in the Middle East Peace Process about to begin, the shadows of previous negotiations fall heavily across all involved. In this powerful and absorbing testimony,

- 09/09/2008
- Iraq and the Revival of Shia Islam AUTHOR: Nicholas Pelham Nicolas Pelham explores how America's overthrow of the Baath partyin Iraq, and the failures of Washington's post-invasion regime spawned a Shiite revolution in the heartland of the Arab world.

- 09/09/2008
Tauris World Cinema Series Lebanese Cinema - Imagining the Civil War and Beyond AUTHOR: Lina Khatib

- 02/09/2008
Expressions of the Civil Imagination EDITED BY: Amyn B. Sajoo How does Islam engage with the idea of the modern and with the contemporary world? How is Muslim tradition to be reconciled with a world in continuous flux and change?

- 02/09/2008
- The Seljuk Warriors of Turkey AUTHOR: John Freely Who are the Turks and where did they come from? The successive empires that they created in a whirlwind of conquests from China to North Africa led one chronicler to call the waves of mounted Turkic warriors a 'storm on horseback.' This is the story of the Seljuk Turks of Anatolia who created the first Turkish state.

- 02/09/2008
London Qur'an Studies Series v. 3 The Moral World of The Qur'an AUTHOR: M.A. Draz

- 21/07/2008
Radical Islam in Europe AUTHOR: Alison Pargeter Following the terrorist attacks on London and Madrid, radical Islam is presumed to be an increasingly potent force in Europe. Yet beneath the media hysteria, very little is actually known about it.

- 09/07/2008
This magical collection of stories, gathered from the rich treasury of Persian folk and fairytales, tell of love and longing, fate and human ingenuity, loss and grace.

- 24/06/2008
The Failure of Political Islam Olivier Roy ISBN: 1850438803 Edition Reissue Paperback I B Tauris & Co Ltd In stock (immediate despatch) £15.99 4 used available from £8.29 For many Westerners, the 1990s may seem the era of Islamic fundamentalism with radical Muslims everywhere on the march, remaking societies and altering the landscape of contemporary politics. Offering a corrective to such a view, the French political philosopher Olivier Roy depicts an entirely different spectacle - political Islam is a failure.

- 24/06/2008
The 'Tulip Age', a concept that described the beginning of the Ottoman Empire's westward inclination in the eighteenth century, was an idea proposed by Ottoman historian Ahmed Refik in 1912.

- 16/06/2008
The Confidential Diary of Iran's Royal Court, 1968-77 AUTHOR: Assadollah Alam Asadollah Alam, an urbane aristocrat from the oldest of Iran's great families, was the Sha's most trusted friend and confidant.

- 23/04/2008
A guide to the country and its people Leading UK travel publisher Bradt has abandoned its traditional genre with the publication of Iraq: Then And Now. After record sales of Iraq: The Bradt Travel Guide, published in 2002, plans for an undated second edition were abandoned because the security situation made it impossible for foreigners to travel to Iraq.