Al-Attiyah welcomes Bush’s call to hold int’l peace conference



In a press release, Al-Attiyah hoped Bush’s call would be a start for a new era of dealing seriously with the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The continuation of the crisis is a result of the Israeli policy that relies on postponement and hindering of any effort that aims at achieving peace, stability, and security in the region, he said.

He stressed that the US must play a just and balanced role if it wanted its proposed conference to succeed, adding that this could be achieved by ending the occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories that began in 1967 and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

Al-Attiyah unrderscored the Arab peace initiative passed in the 2002 Arab summit in Beirut and adopted by the 2006 Arab summit in Riyadh.

Bush announced in Washington Monday his country will hold an international conference for peace in the Middle East.



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