Allergic illnesses hit Qatar labourers


Other than the common features of high rate of blood pressure and sugar count, a large number of allergy-related cases among labourers were detected at the sixth annual camp.

Camp patron and Indian Medical Association (IMA-Qatar Chapter) president, Dr Sameer Kalandan, said of the 30 patients he examined during the first three hours of the camp, 20 were afflicted with allergic diseases, including bronchial spasm, rhinitis, bronchial asthma, sinusitis, migraine and skin diseases.

A sizeable number of expatriate labourers suffer from stress-related diseases, he said.

“A majority of them belonged to the middle-age group. Though many were aware of their ailments, financial constraints are preventing them from seeking treatment. The situation is more acute among the labourers who are on a visit visa", Dr Kalandan said.

The six-hour camp received an overwhelming response from Asian expatriates. Though the camp was mainly meant for the low-income Indian workers, it also accommodated labourers from Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Most patients were from labour camps in Al Khor, Messaieed and Wakra.
“This time we provided aid to nearly 500 patients. Nearly 25 cases have been referred to the Hamad Medical Corporation. The ICBF will bear the cost of treatment,” Fund president Nilangshu Dey said.

The camp was organised in association with the IMA Qatar chapter and Friends of Thrissur. A 40-member team, including 15 doctors and 12 students from Weill Cornell Medical College, offered free service. Friends of Thrissur, an Indian expatriate organisation, deployed 65 volunteers. Over 300 people registered for the camp. ICBF arranged transportation for the participants from labour camps.


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