Bahrain to focus on ties with GCC councillors


“A fresh chapter in my days as a councillor – this exchange of ideas and meeting with the GCC councillors is something I plan soon after the session begins.”


He said the purpose of the new experience is to enhance the quality of governance and the services provided. “I plan to share my experience in the council with them and hear their experience and know about the rules and regulations they follow in their councils. The good points in these councils could be put to good use for Muharraq’s benefit.


“We are here as councillors only now. During this time it is important to benefit from such experience. The experience gained from such interactions will help later.”


He said he would also be looking at a two-way investment flow. “That is also important.” He said he had suggested to the investment committee in the council to identify investment potential so that “people can benefit. It would be interesting to see how they prioritise their projects and exchange ideas on our project experience. Such experience will benefit all in the long run. Constant exchange helps build relationships and new bridges,” he said.

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