Bid to get media and regional govts closer


“Those changes have had an effect on Arab communities, both directly or indirectly, affecting the foundations of Arab society’s ideologies, politics, social lives, people’s behaviour and directions,” he said.

The interior minister inaugurated a meeting of private and government-owned Arab media organisations in Riyadh recently. It was attended by Arab media relations security representatives and representatives of government and private Arab media organisations.

Prince Nayef said that in combating crime, with terrorism on top of the list, there was a need for serious cooperation in protecting communities from the danger that he described as “a threat to the very existence of mankind.”

He added that in confronting the threat it was a necessity for organised and effective ideological and media efforts to work alongside each other with on-the-ground security measures to enhance security efforts in fighting terrorism in order to prevent and treat the causes.

“I hope the meeting contributes to enhancing the cooperation between security departments and media organisations. It will bring together on the ground security skills and the effectiveness of the word in fighting crime,” Prince Nayef said.

The meeting made several recommendations for improved relations and cooperation between the security forces and citizens in order to create awareness about the role of the citizens in combating crime.

The recommendations include formation of joint national committees that would meet periodically to discuss means of bolstering confidence in, and interaction between, the media in each country and the security media departments under the supervision of interior ministries.

It also includes the training of journalists for specialised reporting of security matters so that the security news and achievements could be presented in the right perspective.


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