Broader ties among Persian Gulf states in region’s interest – Ahmadinejad


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made the comment after receiving the credentials of the new Ambassador of Oman to our country, Sheikh Yahya bin-Abdullah.


President Ahmadinejad added, "Iran and Oman have a long record of good and broad relations and today, too, there are numerous unused potential in the region and our two countries for further expansion of ties and cooperation."
He Pointed out that "the enemies" are after tension among regional countries and sow the seeds of discord among brother Islamic nations in order to secure their own illegitimate interests.


Ahmadinejad added, "Iran and Oman should try to strengthen the pillars of cooperation and brotherhood in the region by further expanding cooperation and broadening the sphere of bilateral ties." The Iranian President reiterated, "Iran and oman must try to achieve greater tangible results in various economic and cultural interactions, relying on the two countries’ good political relations." Ahmadinejad then referring to existence of numerous religious and cultural commonalties between Iran and Oman, stressed the two countries’ exceptionally sensitive geographical status.


He then listed some of the scientific and technological achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran in recent years, adding, Iran is ready for sharing its valuable achievements and experience in various industrial and technological fields with the Islamic nations, and particularly with its neighbors, like Oman, to boost their advancement drive."
The new Ambassador of Oman to Iran, too, during the meeting referred to the long record of good and friendly relations between the two nations, evaluating the Muscat-Tehran ties as "good and stable" during the past years.


Sheikh Yahya bin Abdullah reiterated, "Oman is willing to have broader ties and closer cooperation with Iran in various fields, and to be benefitted from the valuable experience of the Islamic Republic of Iran in scientific, technological and industrial fields." Ambassador Bin Abdullah at the end emphasized his intention to boost wholeheartedly bilateral ties and cooperation during his tenure in Tehran, confirming, "The Islamic Republic of Iran plays a very significant and influential role in the region, in the Islamic World, and at international scene today."


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