Canal Protects Haj Sites From Floods


Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, who is also the chairman of the Central Haj Committee (CHC), visited the facility during an inspection tour of the holy sites. Health Minister Hamad Al-Manie, Haj Minister Fouad Al-Farsy, members of CHC and heads of various service organizations accompanied Prince Khaled in his tours.

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs completed the drainage project at the Holy Sites and Moaysim Dam at a total cost of SR1.7 billion. The prince inspected the Jamrat Bridge particularly the latest constructions aimed at increasing the capacity of pilgrims on the bridges to 360,000 per hour. The higher floors of the bridge are expected to reduce the crowding and thus guarantee greater safety to the pilgrims.

The new constructions at Jamrat also included service and utilities buildings besides the expansion of the squares surrounding the bridges and the separation of the pedestrian movement from vehicular transport.

The prince ensured in his tour that the security control room at the Mina was geared up to meet any emergency situation. The prince also visited the new residential towers for the pilgrims at the foot of Mina.

The prince’s tour also included the extension works on the King Khaled Road beginning from the intersection at the Abdullah Khayyat Street and ending at Taif Road near the Noor Hospital. The new road network also included a 400-meter three-track underpass at the intersections and service roads. They also include two 900-meter tunnels from the Taif Road to the Muzdalifah Street with exits to Jeddah Road and Muzdalifah with a bridge to connect the Ajyad-Kudai tunnel with the Muzdalifah Street.

The current phase of constructions also included the two-way line between the holy sites to the Haram area. The new constructions also facilitate faster traffic from Mina to the Taif-Makkah Road bypassing the crowded Aziziya district.

The governor’s tour also included Arafat plain where he inspected the new model tents and other facilities. He visited the new Jabal Rahmat Hospital built at a cost of SR44 million. The capacity of the 225-bed hospital could be enhanced to 400 beds during emergencies.

During the inspection tour, the prince opened the expansion project at the Mabarrah Muhammad Al-Amoudi for the packing of charity meals for the pilgrims. The SR45 million facility has a total capacity to pack 5 million meals to be distributed at Arafat and Muzdalifah.

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