Doha by numbers


2 It is home to Education City, a sprawling 14 million sq m campus that is considered the Ivy League of the Gulf


3 With no income tax, Qatar and Bahrain rank as the two least-taxed states in the world


4 Doha became a focus of the invasion of Iraq in 2003 as the location of the US central command


5 Qatar’s wealth is built on oil and natural gas. The country has oil reserves estimated at 15 billion barrels. It also produces 23 million tonnes of liquid natural gas a year, destined mostly for Japan


6 Building is booming in Doha, with more than 50 towers under construction, including the Dubai Towers, a 400m skyscraper


7 Qatar lifted censorship on the media in 1995. Al-Jazeera TV was launched from Doha two years later


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