Escalation of tensions runs counter to interests of Gulf Region


"There is no justification for such conflict," Sheikh Mohammad asserted in an interview with 6/6 program aired by Kuwait TV channel in reply to a question on the possible U.S.-Iran military showdown.

"What is really needed at present is measures for confidence building," he underscored.

Sheikh Mohammad expressed conviction that Iran was ready for cooperation with the international community regarding its nuclear program provided that its rights to nuclear technologies including uranium enrichment are reserved.

"Acknowledging Iran’s rights, the international community seek to ensure non-deviation from the peaceful purposes of nuclear technology.

"Therefore, what is actually needed is measures for confidence building including substantial dialogue," he explained, voicing optimism about achieving a breakthrough.

"There is no crisis so far. It is rather a concern over the situation of Iran’s nuclear program.

"Adopting stance against Iran and pressurizing it to full cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the international community imposed gradual sanctions against the Arabian Gulf country and left the door open for it to go back on its nuclear plans," Sheikh Mohammad pointed out.
"It is rare to see the international community unanimous on a certain issue, as it is on Iran’s now," he told the interviewer Yussef Al-Jassem.

"Iran is a friendly neighbor to Kuwait, and we are interested in seeing its nuclear program within the safeguards of the UN nuclear watchdog.

"Kuwait’s position on the issue is transparent and crystal clear.

"I conveyed a message from His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to Iran’s leaders urging them to cooperate with the IAEA," Sheikh Mohammad underscored.

Asked about Kuwait’s preparations for any possible Iran-US military showdown, Sheikh Mohammad said his government formed the Committee of Civil Defense and Emergencies chaired by First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Minister of Defense Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah.

The committee worked out plans for any expediencies that could counter the country and for ensuring the basic needs of daily life of the citizens, he pointed out.

On the security situation in neighboring Iraq, Sheikh Mohammad voiced regret over continuous violence and massacres against innocent people of Iraq.

"We abhor the bloody scenes and tragic murder of innocent people of Iraq which undergoes a delicate period.

"There are foreign parties that fuel violence and mistrust among components of Iraqi people," he said without naming the foreign parties.
"Therefore, His Highness the Amir urged for efforts to achieve national reconciliation among Iraqi parties that welcome Kuwait’s good offices.

"All differences among Iraqi parties can be settled through national reconciliation.

"Kuwait does not only work to prevent the spread of instability to its territories, but also to restore stability to neighboring Iraq.

"Preserving its high-esteem in the eyes of Iraqi politicians, Kuwait keeps its distance from Iraqi conflicting parties and opened dialogue channels with all of them," Sheikh Mohammad disclosed.

"Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki is an elected leader who enjoys domestic, regional and international support," he noted.

On attempts to link cancellation of Kuwaitis loans and Iraq’s debt relief, Sheikh Mohammad said there was no link between a domestic affairs and a foreign one.

"Priority is of course given to domestic issues and care for Kuwaiti citizen comes in first place," he asserted.

"Iraq’s debt relief and cancellation of compensation and be settled through international legitimacy," he explained. He said that Kuwait has adopted a significant decision to develop the island of Boubyan to become a main port that serves the neighbouring countries and the region in a direct and comprehensive manner.

"The economic policy aims also at transition from profit-centered economy to open economy.

"The Kuwaiti government adopted several important economic decision to liberate its financial institutions, the transport, aviation, information, education and investment sectors.

"The policies target more transparency and openness.

"The policies promote Kuwait’s prestige regionally and worldwide," he underscored.

"In line with this tendency, H.H. the Amir called during the recent Arab summit in Riyadh for holding an economic Arab summit to coordinate economic and financial legislations of all Arab countries, and proposed hosting such summit in Kuwait" Sheikh Mohammad recalled.

"Under H.H. the Amir’s instructions, Kuwait will table to the coming Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) meeting a paper on the proposed GCC peaceful nuclear program," he added.


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