GCC Help Plea Over Iraqi Crisis


Mr Hussein said that the Iraqi security situation should be looked at as a global concern and not just a regional one.


He said that the sectarian fighting could even spread to other countries.


"The future of region is closely tied with the future of Iraq. If Iraq remains unstable, it will affect the security of not just the Gulf, but also Turkey, Jordan, Syria and even further abroad," said Mr Hussein.


"We are pleased with the results of the latest Arab Summit held in Riyadh, but we think that the Arab countries can still do more to alleviate our security situation and also to help in reconstruction efforts."


Mr Hussein said that Iraqi security forces were doing their best to prevent the fighting to spread to other countries, through Iraq’s borders.


"Iraq’s border with Kuwait, both on land and on sea, is very secure," he continued.


US Ambassador William T Monroe said that his country viewed Iran as a major regional threat that needed to be dealt with.


"Iran poses a threat on numerous levels, including with regards to its nuclear abilities," he told the GDN.


"We are very concerned about the security of the Gulf and are watching it closely."


Mr Hussein and Mr Monroe were speaking on the sidelines of the announcement of the Middle East: Homeland and Global Security Forum at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa yesterday.

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