‘GCC summit held amid great regional, international challenge’


Bin Alawi said the meetings will discuss means to combat terrorism, the situation in Iraq and the Palestinian lands, progress in GCC joint action, economic issues, as well as other issues critical to the region in general.

GCC leaders will discuss the development process in GCC countries to keep pace with international progress, he added.

For his side, an Omani academic, Dr. Jumaa bin Saleh Al-Ghailani, told KUNA a number of issues understandably top the political agenda of the GCC summit, such as the outcome of the Annapolis peace conference over the Arab-Israeli dispute, the Iranian nuclear file, and the Iraqi internal situation, in addition to the recent Turkish threats to attack the Kurds on the northern Iraqi borders, the Lebanese crisis, and the Palestinian-Palestinian situation.

Economic issues to be addressed at the summit include the hike in oil prices and effect on unemployment average, the alarming increase in migrant manpower in the GCC, and inflation, he added.


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