‘Gulf companies fail to keep employees for long’


According to the report, only 48 per cent of employees want to remain with their company in three years’ time, and only just over a third (36%) want to be with the same organisation in 10 years’ time.
However in the short-term, employee engagement across the Gulf is high in comparison to some more mature markets like the United Kingdom and the United States where identical people index studies have been carried out. The research reveals that levels of motivation, commitment and advocacy are high. Sixty-eight per cent say they are fully engaged by the company they work for.


Around 73 per cent say they feel motivated to perform well in the work they do with four-fifths feeling committed to the company they work for.


The findings are based on a major employee-engagement benchmarking study, designed to help companies improve productivity among staff.


Some 1,893 people across the Gulf responded to the survey last November 2007 from a number of different industries. “The picture is not all bad for Gulf companies but this is no time for complacency. Employee engagement relates directly to a company’s bottom line.


“Long-term commitment is essential if recruitment and training costs are not to spiral out of control,” said Dr. Andy Brown, managing director of organisational consulting at YouGov in London. The region also has a weak spot when it comes to companies’ ability to retain and attract talent.


This compounds and confirms problems surrounding the lack of long-term employee engagement in the Gulf. Only 39 per cent of respondents feel their company manages to keep the best staff.
Less than half (47%) believe their organisation manages to attract the best talent and manages to engage employees so they perform well. “Failing to attract or retain talent is another major problem which affects productivity levels.


“Cut-throat competition for good staff in our region serves to further highlight the vulnerability of companies who fail to engage their employees in a meaningful manner,” said Nassim Ghrayeb, YouGovSiraj chief executive officer. The consulting organisation launched People Index in the Gulf this month. This is a service whereby organisational consultancy is delivered, based on the research of staff attitudes to their working life. This internal research is evaluated against industry and country benchmarks.




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