Interior panel amends citizenship law in Kuwait


The MP also said the committee announced that Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Moussa Al-Sarraf, together with the Head of the Elections Authority Ali Murad, had called for a meeting of the committee early next month to look into a draft law on elections regarding the candidates’ announcement of their intention to contest the elections.

The MP said the NA will call for the NA General Assembly to approve a demand by the committee to be informed about the government’s armaments contracts at the Interior, Defense and National Guards Ministry "in a bid to benefit from the experience of other countries in this concern.

He said the committee had endorsed several draft laws dealing with appointing to the police force sons of Kuwaiti women as well as sons of army and police men as laid down in the 1965 census. Another draft law calling for moving the accountability of the Public Authority for Criminology from the Interior Ministry to the Justice Ministry.

The committee also approved a draft law calling for speeding up the construction of a comprehensive Central Prison provided the installations would be distant from inhabited areas and provided the new premises would have provisions for courts as well as services provided by the various ministries and hospital facilities for all branches of medicine.

Another draft law approved by the committee called for equating foreign military retirees with Kuwaiti military retirees paving the way for foreign retirees to get all the pay rises their Kuwaiti counterparts get. One provision of this draft law calls for granting Kuwaiti citizenship to the sons of martyrs, who did not have Kuwaiti citizenship in the first place.


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