Islamists step up drive against Bohra mosque in Kuwait




MP Khudair Al-Enezi, a member of the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM) or Muslim Brotherhood, warned that Sarraf will be questioned if he approves a plan to build the mosque. The technical committee of the municipality last week rejected the Awqaf ministry’s request for the mosque but Sarraf later kept the door open for a fresh attempt to get the request approved. Maatouq explained that his ministry made the request for the allocation of government land for the proposed mosque on behalf of the governme
nt, which recently adopted a decision in this regard.

A hardline Salafist group meanwhile launched the strongest attack yet on the Bohras, describing them as not Muslims. The Ummah Principles Alliance said in a statement that Bohras were in fact enemies of Islam who do not believe in the main principles of the religion. Liberals led by the Kuwait Human Rights Association meanwhile came to the defense of Bohras, saying they are a recognized sect of Islam and they should be allowed to freely practice their religious rites.

The association also said that Bohras in some Gulf countries like the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have their own mosques. The association also appealed to the prime minister to intervene and allow Bohras to build their mosque.

In another development, the Public Industry Authority (PIA) yesterday defended Ministry of Commerce and Industry and chairman of PIA Falah Al-Hajeri, who has been under fire from the labor union and some MPs. PIA said in a statement yesterday that the campaign against Hajeri coincides with his decision to refer to public prosecution alleged financial and administrative violations by some officials. The labor union, led by Khaled Al-Tahous, meanwhile announced that employees of PIA will go on strike from to
day in protest against what he described as major violations and favoritism by the minister.





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