Jeddah to be site of massive cultural village


The new village will host Eid Al-Fitr festivities, including 17 participating various exhibitions and more than 50 different events all along the three days of Eid. Organizers say that they will host some Eid activities next week this year even though the site will be incomplete.

When completed, the village will hold more than 60 handicraft shops, a two-floor cultural museum and a performance stage that will host 26 various cultural, musical and traditional shows.

The village will also have a vintage car exhibition, playgrounds with traditional games, various cultural shows and dances, fine arts exhibition, cultural and traditional clothes and accessory shops.

Sami Nawwar, head of the Municipality’s tourism and cultural department, said that the village is categorized into three sections: One for Hijazi (western Saudi) culture; the second would highlight the culture of various regions around the Kingdom; and the third would be about international cultures.

“This new village will become a landmark and major tourism attraction in the city,” he said.


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