Kuwait fully attuned to democracy as creed and system: PM


All national efforts, he said, would have to be consecrated indefatigably to elevate the stature of Kuwait in all fields of endeavor, provided there was a symbiotic understanding on that between the two branches of the government.


In the current parliamentary session, just now ending, he noted, it has been the government’s mantra to aquit itself with aplomb and total transparency. The government, he underlined, has been more than forthcoming in availing the parliament (or the National Assembly) with all the necessary tools to carry out its sacrosanct duties without undue impediments of any kind.


However, he cautioned that "we need to stop and take toll of our responsibilities and perceived achievements for a realistic affirmation whether we are applying democracy in the best way possible." At the conclusion of his brief speech to the lawmakers, His Highness the Prime Minister thanked them and the media for their felt contributions to the success of this year’s parliamentary term.


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