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Brig Al-Sabah, in a press statement, said this measure followed instructions issued by First Deputy Prime Minister and Interior and Defense Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah to facilitate paperwork associated with the issuance of such passports.

He said the cases being dealt with at those times included those of treatment or study abroad as well as those of members of the armed forces submitted through special delegates as well as the cases of children of martyrs, as well as those of the wives and husbands of Kuwaitis, as well as those of children of a Kuwaiti widow or divorced wife as well as other humanitarian cases.

He added that the administration was ready to issue such passports with ease and added that an entire team of workers was trained for the jobs associated with that process.

Members of the team were provided with computers capable of dispensing immediate information and data on any passport applicant.

He urged passport applicants to be patient and orderly when checking about their passports and called on them to bring along proper ID papers to pave the way for their formalities to be completed as fast as possible.



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