Kuwaiti parliament affairs minister resigns: Jazeera


The resignation comes a day after 10 lawmakers submitted the motion of no-confidence in Oil Minister Ali al-Jarrah al-Sabah over his suitability for office.
Al Arabiya television also reported the resignation, but the reason behind the move was not immediately clear.


Moasherji is widely seen as a member of the Salafist Islamist bloc, which has called on the oil minister to step down.


The government, which adopts a unified stance in votes, has repeatedly said it supports the oil minister.


Sheikh Ali, a member of the ruling family, will face the no-confidence vote on July 9. The move raised speculation that he might resign.


MP Mussallam al-Barrak told reporters on Monday that 26 lawmakers would support the no-confidence motion, which required 25 votes to force the minister out of the cabinet.


Changes in senior positions at the oil ministry do not usually affect the overall energy policy as final decisions are made by a state committee.


The row erupted after Sheikh Ali told a newspaper he had sought advice from Sheikh Ali al-Khalifa al-Sabah, a former minister who was once investigated over a graft scandal.


The ruler of the world’s seventh largest oil exporter has urged MPs to let the government get on with its work just three months after the previous cabinet resigned amid pressure on the health minister.


The parliament has a history of challenging the government in a region comprised of autocratic rulers. The emir has the last say in politics. Kuwait’s rulers have dissolved parliament several times since it was set up in 1963.


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