Kuwaiti speaker calls for int’l legislations penalizing insult of religions


Speaking to KUNA on the sidelines of the 10th session of the Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States (PUOICM), he said the Kuwaiti parliament had adopted this proposal at the meeting of the Arab Interim Parliament (AIP) where it was approved with consensus.

It was again proposed at the Islamic Parliamentary Union in Malaysian and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Indonesia last year.

Al-Kharafi hoped the Kuwaiti proposal would receive the required support at the IPU meeting, set to be held in South Africa, following which it would be referred to the UN for approval.

Moreover, he stressed the importance of the meetings he held today with a number of heads of Islamic delegations to coordinate over the agenda of the 10th PUOICM meeting and nominations for a secretary general.

The speaker also stressed the keenness of the Kuwaiti delegation to actively take part in today’s meetings, which dealt with union’s regulations and bylaws.

Asked about Kuwait’s support for Palestinians, namely those under siege in Gaza, Al-Kharafi said Kuwait had allocated USD 10 million in emergency aid, including food and humanitarian assistance.

He hoped this assistance would reach the Palestinians in Gaza as soon as possible.


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