Law in place to curb human trafficking in Bahrain


The first aims to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in persons, especially women and children, while the second protocol aims to curb smuggling of migrants by land, air and sea.

The Bahraini law against human trafficking is considered one of the most ideal in the field. It is a model law that corresponds to the UN convention and protocols. The law has been praised by the legal studies college at Washington-based Johns Hopkins University at workshops on the Arab and Gulf regions.

The law has 10 articles which define human trafficking and cites cases in which the consent of the victim is not acknowledged, degrees of penalties, rights of victims, jurisdiction of the Public Prosecution and the court.

The executive article stipulates the setting up of a panel to evaluate the status of foreign victims of human trafficking and a national committee to combat human-trafficking. The law empowers the Ministry of Social Development to issue rules for shelter for victims and measures to inspect the centres.



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