Makkah committee wins pardon for 117 death row convicts


Al-Zahrani revealed these figures while briefing Makkah Governor Prince Khaled Al-Faisal on the committee’s activities and achievements. The prince recently visited the organization’s headquarters in the holy city.

The 117 people, who were on death row after being convicted of murder by courts, won pardons from relatives of the murdered as a result of the committee’s reconciliation efforts and intervention by tribal leaders.

“We are now working to save the lives of 400 others who are on death row. In addition, we are trying to settle more than 4,000 social, family and financial conflicts,” Al-Zahrani said.

The committee, which was established in 2001, is affiliated to the Makkah Governorate and has four main branches and a women’s branch in Makkah. It also works to promote a culture of tolerance and settles disputes among families and individuals. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal is its current chairman.

The committee employs 66 officials, 26 of which are located at the organization’s headquarters, 13 in administration, 17 at its branch in Jeddah and three in Taif.

The committee’s activities are significant as it works to strengthen social unity and establish better relations between family members and individuals by settling their disputes peacefully.

Prince Khaled also attended an exhibition highlighting the committee’s achievements over the past six years. He was received by Al-Zahrani and the committee’s members.

Prince Khaled also met Makkah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Adel Kaaki on Saturday and discussed with him matters relating to business.

The governor also held talks with officials of the Association for District Centers in Makkah. Dr. Yahya Zamzami, secretary-general of the association, said his organization had carried out nearly 1,000 cultural, social, religious and sports programs last year.


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