Political societies mount pressure on Bahrain govt



The legislation bans the formation of parties in Bahrain and puts political societies are monitored by the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs.

Waad General Secretary Ibrahim Sharif said many societies were performing their duties as political parties and such a move would reinforce the work of political societies towards further democracy. "Most societies hold elections to select their leaders and functions as parties with political agendas and approaches," he said. The law forbids youth below 21 to participate in political activities and that, according to many politicians, is a sign of immaturity that might lead to future complications, such as forcing the youth to join unofficial political groups.

Sharif criticised the law for forcing those who want to become members in political societies to present profiles about themselves to the Minister of Justice.

The law only allows Bahrainis with no criminal records to become members of such societies. They must be members of only one political society so that there is no clash. The law bans judges and diplomats as well as military and security employees and public prosecution personnel from becoming members of political societies.



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