Qatar slams Israeli violations in Gaza




Faisal Abdullah Al Hinzab, acting Charge d ‘Affaires of the permanent Qatari UN mission in Geneva, in an address to the Council of Human Rights’ Sixth extra-ordinary session devoted to discuss human rights violations by the Israeli military in the occupied Palestinian territories, said this violation acknowledges Israel has no regard for the numerous resolutions the council has adopted against the attacks on the Palestinian Territories and its human rights violations of Palestinian people.

“These actions confirm that Israeli government has no true desire for peace and is wasting the opportunity for achieving peace in the Middle East and to solve the Arab Israeli dispute after the Annapolis peace conference,” he said.

In his address Al Hanzab said the Israeli army in the past days launched attacks on the Gaza strip where tens of people were killed or injured, most of them women and children.

Meanwhile, Qatar Authority for Charitable Activities (QACA) has launched fund raising campaign for the benefit of Gaza strip residents who are suffering out of the sanctions imposed by Israel.

This was announced by Ahmed Mohamed Al Muraikhi, QACA’s Director General in a press conference held at the premises of the Authority on Wednesday. He said there is a positive reaction towards the campaign from the Ministry of Auqaf and Islamic Affairs who has allowed representative of the local charity organisations to collect funds in all mosques across the country.



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