Qatari youth to be trained for PR jobs


The agreement was signed by Abdul Lateef Al Mahmoud, General Manager of Dar Al Sharq and Editor-in-Chief of Al Sharq, and Hassan Al Hassan, Chairman of the Gulf Chapter of the association.

Addressing a press conference at his office yesterday, Al Mahmoud said Dar Al Sharq took up the initiative as it was aimed at upgrading the skills of the Qatari youth so that they could get actively involved in nation-building.

“I am happy that there is active cooperation between the Gulf Chapter of the International Public Relations Association and Darinfo, Dar Al Sharq’s research and training wing. We will coordinate with the Association to help Qatari youth discover their talents,” he said .

Ibrahim Al Sayed, Deputy General Manager of Dar Al Sharq, and Yahya Al Awadh, Director of Darinfo, Izz El Dien Al-Saied, Dar Al-Sharq’s marketing and public relations manager, were also present.

Hassan Al Hassan said that as per the deal, the Association would bring experts with knowledge about Qatar to conduct training courses. “Our aim is to help remove people’s misunderstanding about public relations work. Although it requires professionalism to succeed in this field, many people look down upon a public relations executive,” he said.

“We are hoping to attract big numbers of Qatari youth, especially fresh graduates, to join the training programmes," said Jassem Al Shuakh, deputy chairman of the association. The Association’s Gulf Chapter was set up in 2002 and has since then held many conferences and workshops in different GCC countries.


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