Radio channel ready for Bahrain’s parliamentary sessions


“There will be a repeat telecast of the session in the same week,” Al Mahmood said.


Deputies had voted for a proposal to air sessions on radio.



Al Wefaq MP Jawad Fairooz, who had tabled the proposal, said the deputies considered radio the best medium because of its mobility and the fact that radio sessions would cost the exchequer much less compared with the television.



Al Wefaq plans to push for a separate TV channel for the Shura Council and the Chamber of Deputies.


“The government should commission a separate TV channel for both Houses,” Fairooz told the Tribune. “The channel should allocate time slots for the parliamentary proceedings and special interviews with lawmakers.”



The deputy said the public and the civic bodies should be informed about closed-door meetings to help them take part in the democratic process.



Al Mahmood said there were also plans to increase the broadcast time for parliament sessions on BTV.


The Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture and the Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation plan to set up a panel to discuss and implement the radio session proposal.



Manama Municipal Council chairman Majeed Milad had told the Tribune that they would like the municipal sessions to be aired on the Arabic and English channels on the radio. “Special programmes such as interviews with councillors on matters of public interest should be aired in the mornings during the weekends.”


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