Riyadh plans to buy 24 Eurofighters


Saudi Arabia and Britain announced in September a 4.43 billion pound deal for 72 of the Eurofighters.

“The kingdom is set to decommission a number of aircraft and is thinking about a possible order for 24 more Eurofighters,” MEED quoted an adviser to the Saudi government, that it did not identify, as saying.

“There is a need for new aircraft given the situation in the region, particularly the issue of Iran,” the adviser was quoted as saying.

Saudi Arabia would also consider French fighter Rafale, made by Dassault Aviation, or the upgraded Boeing F-15, but favoured the Eurofighter, the adviser said.

Saudi Arabia and Britain have signed arms deals since the 1960s, including the Al Yamamah arms-for-oil pacts first signed in the 1980s which have produced an estimated 43 billion pounds of business.


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