Saudi Arabia and Iran express need to strengthen ties


According to Irna, referring to the old ties between the two countries, Ali Riaz, head of Iran’s delegation, stressed that Iran and Saudi Arabia have common viewpoints in many cases and by exchanging political and parliamentary delegations can use this advantage in bolstering interests of the two countries and the Islamic world.

“Considering the excellent position of the two countries in the region, they can foil plots of enemies of Islam and support each other in the world,” the agency quoted Iran’s Majlis deputy as saying, and said Riaz also appreciated Riyadh’s position on Iran’s nuclear dossier.

“The Saudi Arabian government has always considered using nuclear energy as a right of all countries of the region,” said Khalid bin Ebrahim Al Avad, head of friendship group from the Saudi side. Al Avad underlined expansion of bilateral ties with Iran. Referring to the intention of both countries’ officials to deepen bilateral ties, he said sincere and brotherly behaviour of heads of the two countries in the Doha meeting sent a message to the world. “Creating disunity and religious conflicts in the Islamic countries is a dangerous virus which threatens Islamic world and the regional countries,” Al Avad said.

Earlier, Riaz, deputy head of Article 90 Commission, told Irna that the visit is aimed at bolstering mutual relations, parliamentary cooperation between the two countries and focusing on expansion of mutual ties as well as regional issues.

He said that given the cultural, religious and historical ties between the two countries, there is no doubt that expansion of mutual ties would be to the benefit of the region as well as world Muslims.


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