Saudi Arabia underlines Iraq’s Arab, Islamic identity, unity


The cabinet reviewed reports on developments of events in the region, and expressed its regret and sorrow over the escalation of acts of violence and killing in Iraq, Minister of Culture and Information, Iyad Madani said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

There is no future for Iraqis except in a unified Iraq which is committed to the Arab nation and Islamic identity, the minister added.

"Iraqi leaderships should unite since foreign presence on the Iraqi soil is inevitably temporary, and regional interference will retreat and recede," the minister noted.
He said: "None will remain in Iraq except the Arab Muslim Iraqi people who will blame their leaders for actions taking place on their land and will plan for their future".

At the outset of the session, the King briefed the cabinet on contacts and meetings he held over the previous days with a number of leaders and envoys of countries and international organizations on regional and international issues.

Madani said the cabinet in this context emphasized the kingdom’s interest in active European role with regard to regional issues.

On domestic affairs, Madani said the cabinet approved several vital decisions among them a joint cooperation with Turkey on portfolios and documents projects and with Yemen on a joint Fish resources project.

The cabinet also followed up achievements of developmental projects in all regions, cities, governorates and centers, and the qualitative development of services including health, education, housing, water, electricity, roads, municipalities and other services directly relating to citizens.


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