UAE looks at greater citizens’ participation


“We are committed to the promise we made to lead the UAE political experience to its goals of ensuring wider scope of participation,” Shaikh Mohammed said after inaugurating the Federal National Council (FNC) session at which he summoned the House to commence the second round of its 14th Legislative Chapter.

“We will provide support and assistance to the FNC, being a monitoring and guiding authority, and wish in return a genuine participation from the Council in supporting the government and its policies,” he said.

He said the Council has consolidated the concept of ‘Shura’ or consultation and greatly enhanced the process of building and emancipation that the country has been witnessing.

“Opening of this session coincides with the country’s celebration of the 36th anniversary of the federation. A memory that stirs us up to go ahead without a comprehensive emancipation programme,” said Shaikh Mohammed.

He lauded the federal strategy that was launched in April to develop services provided by the government sector, noting that the policies and measures that followed the strategy were efficient in upgrading performance and securing a level of competence among national human resources.

“At the economic level, the UAE has scored high percentages in the performance of non-oil sector of economy, which has shown remarkable progress,” Shaikh Mohammed said, adding that investments are expected to increase by 18-20 per cent compared to last year following the government’s pro-investment policies.

He, however, said efforts and deeds to place the UAE on par with developed countries will not be complete unless the participation of nationals in the economic activities was enhanced.

“Nationals have to be a role model for belonging and allegiance, and exert their best for the prosperity of this country. Life is full of chances that may pass fast. Time doesn’t wait and the development race never stops,” Shaikh Mohammed said.

He said the remarkable achievements made by the country in various domains have made the UAE presence strongly felt and its voice heard at regional, Arab and international levels.

Foreign Policy
Shaikh Mohammed said the UAE foreign policy adheres to clear and solid principles and is committed to abide by international laws, good neigbourliness and non-interference in others’ domestic affairs.

“Our foreign policy is based on building bilateral relationships that carefully consider common interests, mutual respect, resolving contentious issues through dialogue and proper means, as well as boosting joint Arab initiatives and supporting justice,” Shaikh Mohammed said.

Regarding Greater and Lesser Tunbs and the Abu Mousa Islands, he said: “We will continue negotiating with our brothers and leaders of the GCC states to find a peaceful solution to restore our occupied islands through direct negotiations, or referring the case to the International Court of Justice to end the problem in accordance with the principles of international law.”

He emphasised the UAE’s support for the Palestinian cause, calling upon its leaders to end their disputes and pave the way for a new era to establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

“We also hope that the Iraqi leaders will reconcile and join efforts to avail of the huge potential of Iraq in building and development. We hope efforts being exerted currently will end the crisis so that the leadership could reach an overall agreement,” Shaikh Mohammed said.

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