UAE to stay on democratic path: Khalifa



His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, while addressing the citizens on the auspicious occasion, made a passionate call for hard work to make the future history of the federation.

The President said that last year witnessed an important development with regard to political empowerment and the practice of democracy as the FNC’s 14th legislative session had half of its members elected, with women representing 22 per cent of the total number of FNC members.

“We remain committed to continuing our democratic change until we achieve all planned goals through paving the way and offering a chance for more participation, and through enhancing the role of the FNC as a legislative and monitoring power,” Shaikh Khalifa stressed. He called for implementation of a national programme aimed at strengthening “our identity and deepening the values of belonging and of citizenship, as well as providing the required conditions that reflect our country as an example of an open, modern society whose values are consistent with our beliefs and our heritage.”

Shaikh Khalifa also called for a clear programme that sets out a clear vision for the objectives of the UAE’s experiment in elections and the associated mechanisms, and for an expansion of the authority of the FNC.

The President made it clear that shedding light on future strategies and visions does not mean that “we should overlook the present with its challenges and problems”.

Shaikh Mohammed, in his address to the nation, said that thirty-six years of union were equivalent to hundreds of years which several other nations in the world have taken to achieve progress and development.

“Thirty-six years — how short a period it is! In the progression of history, it was a short span of time. It elapsed without making any footprints in the lives of many human societies and nations, or without leaving behind many memories to cherish. But these years, in the history of United Arab Emirates, were distinguished with colossal achievements, intimate memories and success.”

However, he asked the citizens not to sleep on the soft silk of success, but to work hard to make the future history of the country.

“Whatever we achieved in the past has been achieved. The history we will write is what we will achieve in the future, not what we have achieved in the past,” said Shaikh Mohammed.

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