Voters cast ballots at Oman’s embassies



The official said the electoral process at these centres went well and as planned under the supervision of special committees from the Sultanate’s embassies in these countries. The lists will then be sent over to the Sultanate where the Majlis elections will be held on October 27 in all wilayats, the official said. The chairman and members of the Main Elections Committee and heads of sub committees cast their ballots at the Ministry of Interior here yesterday to nominate their representatives for Majlis Ash’shura membership.

The Main Committee convened yesterday under the chairmanship of Sayyid Mohammed bin Sultan al Busaidy, Interior Ministry Under-Secretary. The meeting, held at the Ministry, was aimed to follow up the electoral process at the Sultanate’s embassies as well as to finalise preparations for the forthcoming elections in the wilayats. The committee will be on a continuous meeting until the domestic elections date (October 27) to discuss all matters related to the elections. The designated election centres in the wilayat have been prepared to receive the voters.

The Interior Ministry earlier announced that as many as 632 candidates from the Sultanate’s 61 wilayats would contest the Majlis elections to win 84 seats in its board. Twenty-three wilayats have the right to have two members in Majlis Ash’shura, while 38 wilayats will have one member. The number of election centres reached 102 including 11 in Muscat Governorate, 29 in the Al Batinah region, 7 in Musandam Governorate, 4 in the Al Buraimi Governorate, 6 in the Al Dhahirah region, 11 in the Dakhiliyah region, 17 in the Sharqiyah region, 4 in the Al Wusta region and 13 centres in the Governorate of Dhofar.


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