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Starvation looms over northern Gaza with no ceasefire in sight

Moaz Hassan is forced to visit three markets in Gaza City every day to look for food [...]

The Taliban tell the West to look past harsh edicts on Afghan women and girls

The Taliban on Sunday told the West to look past the measures they have imposed on Afghan women and [...]

Iraqi militias threaten to hit US interests if Israel wages wider war on Lebanon

The Iraqi Resistance Coordination Coalition, comprising several armed groups allied with Iran, has declared an end to [...]

To become a German citizen you now must recognise Israel’s ‘right to exist’

Germany now requires all citizenship applicants to declare Israel’s right to exist, as part of controversial [...]

Arab Liaison Committee on Syria to meet in Baghdad amid intensified diplomatic efforts

The Arab Liaison Committee on Syria, which includes the foreign ministers of Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, [...]

Leicester pro-Palestine independent aims to topple Labour in UK election ‘battleground’ seat

On paper, independent candidate Shockat Adam’s chances are slim. He’s running in the UK general election to [...]