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Under pro-Israel pressure, South Africa book chain bans ‘River to the Sea’ children’s book

The removal of a children’s colouring book about Palestine from independent book stores in South [...]

A Mouth Full of Salt: Unveiling truths and tragedies in Sudanese society

A Mouth Full of Salt is the debut novel by Sudanese public health physician and writer Reem [...]

The Exile’s Cookbook: A taster menu in medieval Arab gastronomy

Translated by Daniel L. Newman, this medieval cookbook uncovers the development of Arab culinary tradition [...]

Towers of Ivory and Steel: How Israeli universities undermine Palestinian freedom

Drawing on Hebrew sources, Maya Wind shatters the myth of liberal expression in Israeli universities, [...]

Who Is Muhammad: Subjectivity and our ‘collective memory’ of the last Messenger in Islam

Michael Muhammad Knight’s latest work is a thought-provoking literary expedition that takes the reader from [...]

Moroccan Decorative Arts: A journey through heritage and craftsmanship

Philippe Saharoff’s photography showcases Moroccan decorative arts, including zellige, pottery, metalwork, and exclusive photographs of [...]