Although the Gulf region had been exposed to the world, especially the West, for more than two centuries, it has remained a “black box” to many. The discovery of the oil in the first half of last century eventually sealed the image of that region. Today it is synonymous with oil, money, western strategic interests,…..etc. what is not known about the Gulf and its people is the fact that the process of education and the exposure to the outside world, together with its deep religious and cultural traditions has transformed the new generations to a new status. Today, there are educated people who have attained the highest degrees in almost all faculties of knowledge.

Native academics, professionals and skilled workers have replaced expatriates in the workforce, and the numerous universities in the Gulf States are staffed by natives. Furthermore, a sense of self-consciousness is fast spreading the region, and many Gulf people have their own aspirations, problems and ability to express themselves in modern terms.

There is an urgent need to explore the human resources in the Gulf region, highlight the academic achievement, expose the high degree of knowledge attained by natives and establish an intellectual dialogue between the new generation in the Gulf and the outside world. At the same time the need is there for a civilized debate on problems facing the region as it develops in political, economic, social and environmental spheres. Undoubtedly, there are official activities in this respect, but these endeavors need to supplement by non-governmental efforts in order to bring the debate to a wider circle. It is in established in London, and it is hoped that the programme of the Club will enable a wider spectrum of westerners to know more about region.

The Gulf Cultural Club is a non-profitable forum for intellectual exchanges and development. Founded by independent academics, journalists and professionals from the Gulf states, its primary objective is to promote and encourage a multi-facit dialogue to enhance understanding and advance awareness of various Gulf-related issues; political, economic, social artistic and Cultural.

The Club brings together intellectuals, journalists, writers; artists form the Gulf States and their counterparts, from outside the region. The means with which it endeavors to achieve its objectives are:

  • Regular lectures and debates by experts on various topics relevant to the socio-economic, political and cultural life in the Gulf;
  • An annual seminar or a symposium bringing together a number of scholars and scientists from the Gulf states, as well as from other countries, to focus discussions on a unified theme which the organizers have deemed to be of significance to the current affairs and future development of the region;
  • Exhibition and shows of arts, traditional crafts and customs from the Gulf Countries in order to introduce local history and talent to wider, international audience;
  • A quarterly newsletter summarizing the latest events organised by the club, and any related activities by similar organizations.

The club does not envisage itself or its committees participating in active politics. However, we shall remain an open forum to all responsible views as long as they neither advocate nor condone violence. Speakers will hopefully represent a wide spectrum of paradigms form within and without the Gulf States.

Membership is open to all nationals of any of the Gulf States who reside in the United Kingdom, as will as British nationals with links or interests with any of the Gulf States of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar.

All correspondence should be addressed to the club’s secretariat.