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From robes of honour to spell-bound books: The royal custom of gift-giving in Arab and Muslim culture

While the bisht awarded to Messi probably didn’t cost more than $2000, the fact that [...]

Covid-19 and its impact on mental well-being

Tuesday 18 th January 2022 *Dr Ali Moafi (Counselling Psychologist) **Dr Ali Al Faraj (Consultant [...]

Religion in a post-modern world

Dr Isa Jahangir (religious scholar, academic)Dr Christopher Paul Clohessy (priest, author) Tuesday 12th October 2021 [...]

Saudi film festival is a ‘whitewash’ by authorities, say critics

Originally posted to The Guardian website, 12 December 2021 Saudi Arabia has opened its first [...]

US officials: Biden aide to meet Saudi crown prince on Yemen

Originally posted to The Associated Press website, 27 September 2021 WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe [...]

Post Brexit UK: A World role marred by US unilateralism

Stephen Bell Stop the War CoalitionClaudia Naomi Webbe*, MPProfessor Rodney Shakespeare Tuesday 14th September 2021 This time [...]