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Estella Carpi on Lebanon’s defining politics of crisis-making and refugee management

Estella Carpi discusses her book ‘The Politics of Crisis-Making’ using Lebanon as a case study [...]

Where The Wind Calls Home: A rich vignette of Alawite memory

One of Syria’s most gifted novelists, Samar Yazbek’s latest book examines Alawite existence, tradition, and [...]

Decoding the Middle East: Jean-Pierre Filiu’s decisive study

Prominent French historian Jean-Pierre Filiu’s latest book is a comprehensive exploration of the Middle East’s [...]

The 7 best books to read on Israel’s occupation of Palestine

While Gaza is once again bombarded and Palestinians murdered, injured and forcibly displaced, Israel’s security [...]

Colonizing Palestine: How Socialist-Zionism helped ‘redwash’ the Palestinian Nakba

Through a thorough analysis of Zionist leftist politics, Areej Sabbagh-Khoury’s study juxtaposes history and memory [...]

Lebanon, refugees, and the dirty politics of crisis-making

Estella Carpi’s latest book looks at how humanitarian aid in Lebanon is entangled with diverse [...]